Thursday, May 22, 2008

Alan Korwin Responds to Media Bias

Alan Korwin responded to evidence of media bias via this letter to the editor in response to this Arizona Republic article from Tuesday.

. . . With news coverage that perpetually casts self-defense, personal-safety and civil-rights-protection bills as students-with-guns laws, it should come as little surprise that people don't trust or rely on the media the way they used to. That coverage also perpetuates hoplophobia, a debilitating, irrational fear of weapons.

Will you change? Everyone hopes so, but doubts run high.


Anonymous said...

I'm so grateful for Alan. I read the article, and I have to say that Tim Bee shouldn't bother calling me to help campaign for him again. I'd still prefer him to Giffords, but they're not in my district anyway, and I kind of feel like he betrayed me now.

Robbert said...

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