Tuesday, May 27, 2008

1st Amendment Violation to protect 2nd Amendment Violation

In Fort Worth Texas, Tarrant County College denied approval to allow their students who were also members of Students For Concealed Carry on Campus (SCCC) to wear empty holsters in protest of the school gun ban. The existing gun free zone disarms 21 & older adults who have CCW permits allowing them to carry concealed weapons everywhere else, making them easy defenseless targets while at school for any thug looking for a target rich easy victim zone, such as muggers, rapists, and mass murderers. I guess Tarrant County College has as much disregard for the 1st Amendment in the Bill of Rights as they do for the 2nd Amendment.

Update 1: More here.


Anonymous said...

At least now they should have an easily won lawsuit. If we can win "the right" to burn our Nation's flag under the guise of free speech, then surely suing the school over empty holsters should be a slam-dunk.

Anonymous said...

Good point eric. I think they need to sue. It seems the only thing that draws any public attention these days. Although it would likely be swept under the rug and the U would probably settle out of court. At any rate, the settlement could be used for the good of the cause.