Thursday, May 1, 2008

Chicago Daily Herrald displays anti-gun bias.

Really? A Chicago mainstream media outlet showing anti-gun bias? Unbelievable.

The April 15 front page large print headline read, "Crowd split on gun laws." That in reference to a forum in Naperville the day before sponsored by California-based Legal Community Against Violence (LCAV). Moderating the forum was gun control movement veteran Steve Young.

Of the 175 or so attendees, all but a handful were gun-rights supporters. And I mean a handful … maybe five. You call that "Crowd split on gun laws"? That's a split? I'm glad you're not my partner. I thought split meant roughly 50/50.

. . . Probably the biggest blow to LCAV's credibility came when Steve Young showed polling data that supposedly showed 80 percent of Illinois gun owners support LCAV gun control policies. After the laughter subsided, Richard Pearson of the Illinois State Rifle Association asked members in the audience who supported LCAV gun control policies to please stand. Not one person got up.

Or perhaps they just are not very good at math?

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Anonymous said...

What do you see? I see four people with guns, one is a cop, another is a solider, another is a thug, another is a terrorist.

All four have authorization from city, country, religion, race.