Thursday, May 29, 2008

Canadian Gun Owners Fire Back!

Canadian gun owners fire back at the anti-gun Toronto Mayor David Miller:

Canadian Institute for Legislative Action (CILA) Executive Director Tony Bernardo stated, “If war is what David Miller wants, war is what he’ll get. But he needs to remember, there is one of him and two million of us” . . .

“Having Miller equate these upstanding Canadians with drug dealing hoodlums is degrading and insulting. Firearms owners intend to hit the City of Toronto where it hurts, right in the wallet”, Bernardo said. He added, “We have sent this website to our international partners and combined, they represent almost 200 million people. We have taken ads in U.S. firearms related publications to inform 80 million American gun owners that they are NOT WELCOME in Toronto and to encourage them not to come here.” “Vancouver is a much nicer option for the Pan-American Games”, he concluded . . .

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