Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nutter & others calling for more gun bans

Nutter & his friends are up to their old tricks again, calling for yet more gun bans (Sebastian has the details). As if the slain officer would have been less dead if he had been killed with a handgun or a .306 hunting rifle instead? Mayor Nutter, criminals don't obey laws. In fact, criminals are already banned from touching a gun, much less possessing one, so in effect the existing ban on criminals owning guns should already be enough, but like all bans they simply don't work.

Why would taking away one type of rifle from law abiding gun owners based on cosmetic features like a pistol grip or a barrel shroud have saved this officer, especially when the rifle used by the criminal was not even banned by the expired ban on sale of so-called assault weapons? It's time to lock up criminals, not guns. The killer had a long wrap sheet & he should not have been let back out on the streets. If anything or anyone besides the criminal who pulled the trigger shares any blame for the death of the fallen officer it is the failure of the justice system to keep bad guys behind bars, not a lack of a gun ban. Ban criminals, not guns.

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