Friday, May 9, 2008

AZ: Serial rapist/strangler on loose in Mesa

Another good reason to get self defense training & to own & carry a gun for self defense. When a serial rapist prefers to leave his victims dead it leaves Police little to go on in their search. Mesa Police held a community meeting warning residents to be careful & are offering a $1,000.00 reward for any information that leads to the arrest of the rapist/strangler who has left at least 3 known victims in his wake so far, leaving at least 2 of them dead.

It would be so much better for all involved if at least one of his victims had been armed with a handgun for her own self defense. That would give a potential victim a very good chance of survival, and we could all read a headline of "The Killing spree of suspected rapist/strangler ended last night when he picked the wrong potential victim . . ." instead of the current headline of "Mesa Police offer $1,000.00 reward for serial rapist/strangler on the loose" - Police have little to go on but the investigation is ongoing . . .

The body of one woman was dumped in a canal and the other in an alley.

The rape victim was able to escape. Police say they are looking for the cab driver who picked up the woman after she was assaulted.

Detectives have little to go on with no suspect description.

FBI profilers are now working on the case, according to officials.

"I'm concerned for people," said Mesa resident Marie James. "I see people walking at night, walking and waiting at the bus stops and how long they have to wait and I uh took some extra fliers and I'm going to share them with my neighbors so we can watch out for each other."

Update 1: more on the rape victim that escaped.
Update 2: 4th Victim.
Update 3: Suspect now in custody.

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