Wednesday, May 28, 2008

AZ: Governor Napolitano Vetoes More Gun Bills

Arizona Governor Napolitano pulled out her veto stamp yet again yesterday. She uses her veto stamp so often that she didn't even need to blow the dust off collected since her last veto. This time she vetoed SB 1106 (the option for the lifetime CCW permit), and HB 2629 (the bill that would have allowed the defensive display of a weapon in self defense if someone is using or attempting to use illegal physical force or deadly physical force). Feel free to take a look at her SB 1106 veto letter, and her HB 2629 veto letter.

Not surprisingly she lied in her HB 2629 veto letter - she falsely claimed that HB 2629 would have allowed someone to display a weapon when it was only a fight of words. The law actually would have required the attacker to be using or attempting to use deadly or unlawful physical force (such as whacking a victim with a baseball bat which certainly is unlawful physical force). She is either a liar or she didn't read the legislation, and since it is such an easy read even for her I'm leaning towards liar.

Lucky for us Arizona Governors are limited to two 4 year terms in office, so we can replace her with an honest to goodness pro-gun Governor when her final term runs out in 2010, as opposed to Napolitano who despite her campaign promises to be pro-gun now has a long record of using her veto against most of the good pro gun legislation that has reached her desk. Unfortunately 2010 seems so far away when suffering with an anti-gun Governor who loves to veto good pro-gun bills, and then use the excuse that she vetoed them because a group of Chiefs of Police took stands against them even though they are nothing more than political puppets controlled by the City Mayors & University Presidents that they work for & are appointed by. If you really want to know how the Police feel about any given bill, you need to talk to the officers who walk the streets, not the political puppets currently sitting in the Chief of Police office.

Update 1: Listen to Dave Copp & Michael Anthony describe why HB 2629 was so imporant in the Senate Judiciary Hearing. Also listen to bill Sponsor, Representative Pierce in the same hearing. You can also watch the video archive.


Anonymous said...

Amen Dustin. You nailed it.Napolitano and her thug Police Chiefs are no more than a modern day version of the Nazis. And it is mirrored in cities around the US.

Debbie said...

Debbie here, from the Arizona Daily Star in Tucson. David T. Hardy will be on our Web sites today, Friday, at 1 p.m. MST when he will talk and answer questions about Thursday's Supreme Court ruling.

Hardy was counsel of record for the Academics for the Second Amendment brief in support of Dick Heller and the individual right to own firearms.

You and add questions now, or join us at 1 p.m. at