Monday, May 12, 2008

AZ: HB 2634 scheduled for Rules Committee Hearing today

The Senate Rules committee has scheduled HB 2634 for a Senate Rules Committee Hearing today on Monday May 12th. If in the past you have already gone to the AZ Senate or House to use a kiosk to set up your username/password you can use the online AZ Request to Speak system to enter some comments & register your support of the bill, which will be read by the Senate Rules Committee during the hearing. If you don't have a username yet you can also register your support and comments at any of the available kiosks there. It is scheduled to begin today upon adj or Recess of the Senate Floor.

HB 2634, is an AzCDL requested bill that clarifies that a person with an expunged or set-aside felony conviction, or one who has had their rights restored, may obtain a concealed weapons permit.

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