Friday, May 16, 2008

Paul Helmke on the The Colbert Report

Too funny: Brady President Paul Helmke interview on The Colbert Report.

A few classic Brady quotes from the interview:

"We're still arguing about what the constitution means . . . it's the only amendment that's got the word regulated in it, they must have meant some sort of regulation"

"I don't ever carry a gun around, so I don't think I need a gun, if you came at me right now with a knife I'd try to trip you up and get away from you, I would try to appeal to your rational side, and if you don't have a rational side then I'd try to kick you in the, uh, where I could hurt you."

"I'm not anti-gun . . . right now we don't do anything to keep the crazy people hardly from getting the guns"

"Adding guns to a situation only escalates the situation, guns are dangerous weapons, talk to Jim Brady about what a bullet can do, he took that bullet in the head at the time of the assassination attempt of President Reagan, Jim Brady I think is really one of the true heroes of our society"
My favorite Colbert quote on the topic of using what happened to Jim Brady to push for gun control legislation:
"How long is he going to hold that up as like I know more about being shot than you do because I got shot, wouldn't it take more courage to be shot & go no, I'm not going to infringe other peoples rights just because something bad happened to me, that would be bold . . . I think people are tired of the `a lot of people have been killed by guns card`"
H/T to The Pro-Gun Progressive.

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