Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Boy given detention for wearing a gun image on his shirt

A 1st Amendment freedom of speech lawsuit is currently pending over Donald Miller III, a High School Freshman, being told he must turn his shirt inside out, and then given a detention for refusing to comply. Yet another school "Zero Tolerance=Zero Thought Policy" related to images of guns. The shirt was a gift to Donald from his Uncle, Brian Souders, who purchased the shirt on his base Post Exchange just before he was deployed to Iraq, and Donald was wearing it in support of his Uncle & the US Military.

All I can say is, where do I get myself one of these shirts? If you know where I can find one please leave a comment or send an e-mail. It has an image of a gun on the front & back. It also has the following wording: "Volunteer Homeland Security" on the front, and "Special issue - Resident - Lifetime License - United States Terrorist Hunting Permit - Permit No. 91101 Gun Owner - No Bag Limit." on the back.

You can read more details at Fox, Lancasteronline, or Worldnetdaily.

Update 1: I'd like to thank ar15.com member SonOfNorway for letting me know where we can get our own terrorist hunting permit shirt. I think I'll buy some for myself & my children.

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