Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Interesting article profiling individuals both for & against the DC gun ban

An interesting article. It profiles the individuals both for & against the DC ban against handguns & functional rifles in the home, including the plaintiffs of the Heller case fighting the ban scheduled to heard in the Supreme Court next Tuesday March 18th, & those funding the legal costs. It does appear to have at least a slight bent in favor of the Ban, but overall appears to at least be attempting to be fair & balanced. Below is a small section from the article about Gillian St. Lawrence (pictured above), one of the plaintiffs of in the original case against the DC gun ban:

"In 2000 St. Lawrence started the process of registering a shotgun. It took two years before she completed background checks, filled out police-department paperwork, bought the shotgun, and fitted it with the blue plastic device that disables it until it’s unlocked . . . St. Lawrence adds, “People break into houses around here all the time.” She alone is licensed to use the shotgun—one person per firearm under DC law.

“It’s Paul’s job to call the police,” she says. “It’s my job to use it.”

If she can unlock the trigger in time.

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