Friday, March 7, 2008

Many anti gun folks think 21 year old students are morons!

Pima County Sheriff Dupnik in this opinion piece does not have a high opinion of the intelligence of 21 & older College students who have gone through the process to obtain a CCW permit:

". . . if more than one student has a concealed weapon, how is it possible to determine which individuals are involved in the attack and which ones are trying to stop it?"
Let's see here - one murderer is randomly murdering unarmed students. One or more ccw permit holders are shooting at the murderer. It's just too complicated for the mind of a 21 year old student to comprehend! /End Sarcasm.
"The danger of crossfire and unintentional victims is multiplied exponentially."
That argument assumes that crossfire between a bad guy & a good guy is somehow worse than an armed murderer walking the halls shooting at everyone without opposition. If I were an unarmed student in a room with an armed murderer, I'd much prefer that the murderer be occupied in a gun fight with another armed student than for the murderer to have nothing better to do than continue shooting everyone in the room one by one without opposition.
"Imagine the confusion that will ensue when law enforcement arrives at an active shooter situation, with unconfirmed information about who the suspect is or even how many there are, and these same officers encounter multiple individuals with guns."
Oh I feel so sorry for the poor confused Police Officers. /End Sarcasm. Besides insulting the intelligence level of our fine Police Officers this is not a valid argument as there is not a single example of this made up scenario. Scenarios I describe below do have multiple examples to back them up (1: Pearl Mississippi, 2: Utah Trolley Square Mall).
  1. According to FBI statistics most "gun fights" last less than 10 seconds. Police arrival times average around 15 minutes. You do the math. Even in a fast Police response scenario of say 5 minutes (faster than most), an event where an armed adult already on the scene engages the murderer in a gun fight will likely be over well before the Police arrive. Such an adult would likely either be victorious in ending the carnage before Police arrive or will be among the victim count of the murderer lying on the floor.
  2. If the Police arrive & see two or more people in a "gun fight" they will simply demand that they all drop their weapons. The "good guys/galls" will obey officer orders. The murderer will either a) shoot him or herself, b) run, or c) start shooting at the officers. I think our fine Professional Officers will be able to figure out who they need to shoot at.
"Think back to Oct. 28, 2002, when our own community was rocked by a shooting by University of Arizona College of Nursing student Robert Flores, who shot and killed three nursing professors - Robin Rogers, Barbara Monroe and Cheryl McGaffic - before turning the gun on himself."
Thanks for making my case - simply placing a sign on the wall that says "Gun Free Zone" does not make it so. It is a Utopian pipe dream that has been proven to be a folly. Disarming Americans does not make them more safe, no matter how many made up scenarios you make up without providing any evidence to back them up.

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