Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Anti-Gun Gun Owner

An Excellent article is on the Buckeye Firearms website by Gerard Valentino on the topic of the Anti-Gun Gun Owner. It is a mouthful I know, but a type of Gun Owner all too common. They are the folks that say "as long as you don't take my hunting rifle you can take away handguns" or "as long as you don't take my handgun you can take away the AR-15 or the .50 caliber Rifle"

All gun owners must unite with the common goal of defending our right to bear arms or the anti gun folks will divide & conquer. All for one, and One for All must be our motto. "We must, indeed, all hang together, or most assuredly we shall all hang separately." (Ben Franklin after signing the Declaration of Independence).

We also must not leave out the Passive Gun Owner - the gun owner who is pro gun rights but does nothing at all to support them. There are more than 70 Million gun owners in the US yet there are less than 6 Million members of all of the National gun rights groups combined. That means there are at least 64 Million gun owners who are being passive. Pick both a local & a National gun rights group & join both of them. Imagine what we could get done if even half of the US Gun owners stood up as one for our right to bear arms & joined a national gun rights group. 35 Million gun owners standing together as one would indeed be a tough force for the gun grabbers to reckon with.

We can learn a valuable lesson from our neighbors across the ocean in the UK. Many hunters in the UK stood by when the anti-gun folks called for the UK handgun ban in 1997. The hunters were then caught by surprise when the same anti-gun folks introduced and successfully enacted a ban on traditional fox hunting with hounds that went into effect in 2005. They were divided, and then conquered. Let us not make the same mistake.


Zippo said...

You make a very good point. Here in the UK it was easy for ignorant legislators to deprive people of their right to own firearms because the shooting community in the UK is to fractured and weak.

Be careful about the fox hunting ban though that concerned hunting with hounds. To my knowledge it's still perfectly legal to shoot foxes.

Dustin said...

Yes the ban is on hunting Foxes with hounds, but unfortunately that is the whole point, since the Fox Hunting tradition in the UK is with well trained hounds. In the US it would be like banning the hunting of Pheasants with pointing dogs, as it would accomplish the same purpose - ban a well founded American traditional form of hunting.