Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A Field Guide to American Politics on DC vs Heller Case

Today Duane Lester of did a special edition of his "A field Guide to American Politics" podcast on yesterdays DC vs Heller Second Amendment Supreme Court Case. He interviewed Guy Midkiff of during the first section of his podcast and I joined in for a short interview during the last 5 minutes of the podcast. I was supposed to join in a bit earlier but due to some confusion on my part (I forgot that Daylight savings is now in effect everywhere but here) while I did the time zone conversion from Arizona time to Central time I thought I was calling 7 minutes early when in fact I was calling 53 minutes late.

Arizona is a State that does not participate in Daylight Savings so doing time zone conversions can be a bit confusing at times, especially in the periods immediately after Daylight Savings changes take effect in the fall & spring for all of our neighbors. Now that Daylight savings is in effect everywhere else I have to remember that I'm in the Pacific time zone, but later this fall I'll once again have to jump back into the Mountain time zone. :)

Why doesn't Arizona participate in Daylight Savings during the summer you ask? Well quite simply because Arizonans like to play outside in the DARK using outdoor lighting during the summer. That's right - when it is hot outside we stay cool by the swimming pool during the day, and play in our neighborhood park after dark. It's amazing how much cooler you feel while hanging in the Park in the Dark while the sun is no longer beating down on you. Why would we want the sun to be up later in the evening during the Summer by participating in Daylight Savings when we actually look forward to the Sun going down early in the evening so we can go hang out in the local Park utilizing outdoor lighting? :)

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