Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Today's DC vs Heller case

I've listened to the Oral Arguments (Requires Real Player) & my unprofessional opinion is that DC's argument to keep their handgun & functional firearm ban was incredibly weak. But don't take my word for it, go ahead & listen so that you can judge for yourself. You can also view an official (but subject to review) transcript of the Oral Arguments.

So far today both the NRA & John McCain have come out in favor of the Supreme Court upholding the lower court ruling that struck down the DC gun ban as unconstitutional. The Silence on the case from both Hillary & Obama is deafening. Fox News has released a piece appropriately titled: "In Second Amendment Case, High Court Majority Appears to Support Individual Right to Own Guns"

Update 1: Michael Bane has now released the oral arguments as individual mp3 files broken down by the three individuals who argued the case. Tom Gresham has also released the audio in mp3 format.

Update 2: SAF press release & NRA Heller page.

Update 3: Alan Korwin overview of the Oral Arguments & ABC interview with Wayne LaPierre.

Update 4: The Ruling is IN that YES 2nd Amendment Protects Individual Right to Bear Arms.

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