Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Listen to something other than Music on your iPod

Do you ever get tired of listening to music on your mp3 player regardless of whether you use an Apple iPod or any other brand of mp3 player? Well I have the perfect solution for you - join me in listening to gun rights podcasts. Yes music is nice, but I now find myself listening to podcasts more often than music, at least when I have not yet run out of new episodes of gun rights podcasts to listen to.

Look for the link list on the right hand side of this site titled "Gun Rights Podcasts" for links to some of my favorites. If you know of others that I am missing please comment or send me an e-mail & I'll add them to my list. In addition to being able to access the podcasts directly via their linked websites most are also available via iTunes (download & use for free on both the PC & Mac platform). You can subscribe to all of your favorite podcasts & iTunes will auto download the newest episodes as they become available. You can then listen on your PC or off-line via your favorite mp3 player.

Off-line listening makes for a great way to make your morning exercise more interesting or to kill time while waiting to renew your drivers license at the local DMV.

Cam's NRA News nightly radio show is not yet available as a podcast although you can listen live on the internet every weeknight from 9PM to 12AM Eastern Time (6PM to 9PM Pacific) & also 24 hrs a day to an archive of the previous show between the live shows.


Anonymous said...

Dustin, I also listen to more podcasts than music. I imagine this will continue to be more and more popular.
Here's a podcast you can add to your list. It's called "The Shooting Bench", and it's very good. Here's the link: http://theshootingbench.net/

A.J. in NJ

Dustin said...

Thanks A.J. - I've now subscribed to it in iTunes & have also added it to my list of gun rights podcasts on the right panel. I'm looking forward to listening to it.

Anonymous said...

Dustin, glad you found that on iTunes. I also realized you didn't have the JPFO podcast listed. The latest one is commentary on the Heller case. Here's the link:

A.J.in NJ

Dustin said...

Thanks A.J. I've now added the JPFO link too.