Friday, January 16, 2009

AZ: 2009 Legislation

The 2009 session of the Arizona Legislature is under way, and the Arizona Citizens Defense League is maintaining a list of 2009 legislation it is supporting & opposing. One bill of particular interest to me is SB 1113 the Restaurant Carry bill. As currently introduced it removes the existing prohibition on bearing arms while in restaurants that happen to serve alcohol while prohibiting consumption of alcohol in such restaurants while bearing arms. It does have a provision to allow restaurants that serve alcohol the option of posting so-called Gun Free Zone signs (you know, those defenseless victim zones criminals love to exploit) if they choose to do so which of course would also leave us the option to eat elsewhere.

Update 1: If you think nobody would ever need their self defense weapon while in an establishment that happens to serve alcohol - think again. Of course that attack took place in a Bar rather than in a restaurant, but that type of scenario could happen in either type of location.


Anonymous said...

In my state, someone with a concealed carry license (and armed) can drink alcohol outside of a restaurant that serves liquor, and might then be found guilty of a misdemeanor. However, if you go inside the restaurant while armed, do not drink any alcohol, you'll be guilty of a felony.
I guess it makes sense to some people.

Dustin said...

Yes there are some very strange laws out there, that is for sure.

DW said...


After complaining about Rubios no firearm policy this is the response I got:

Dear ********,

After careful consideration, Rubio's Restaurants, Inc. has decided to maintain a consistent approach to guest and team member safety across our entire System and have therefore chosen to not allow firearms in our Arizona restaurants. Although we understand that getting a license to carry a concealed weapon can be a thorough process, we have a duty to our guests and team members to make them feel safe and comfortable. We realize that even though not everyone may feel uncomfortable around firearms, we have to make the best decision for the company as a whole. We hope that you can recognize and empathize with our perspective and will continue to patronize our restaurants.


Nick Boutin
District Manager
Rubio's Fresh Mexican Grill

Justin said...

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