Thursday, January 15, 2009

Yellowstone Park Officials Confused

The Yellowstone Park Officials are confused about the new park rules:

Yellowstone National Park officials say disentangling disparate concealed-weapons laws of three states has left unanswered questions . . . The rule gives gun owners permission to carry concealed loaded weapons as long as their concealed-weapons permit is recognized by the state in which the park is located . . . The problem is that Yellowstone stretches across three states – Wyoming, Montana and Idaho . . . the three states don’t recognize the same out-of-state permits . . ."
Perhaps it would simplify matters if the rule were to simply not prohibit the bearing of arms for persons who are not prohibited possessors, such as convicted felons who have not yet had their rights restored. If not that, than perhaps simply recognizing all Concealed Carry permits as valid in the States that have Concealed Carry Laws. Alternatively the Park Rangers could simply recognize the same permits that the 3 States combined recognize in an additive fashion. For example, if Idaho recognizes the permits of all States, the Park Rangers could recognize all of the States in the entire park.
Bill Wade, chairman of the executive council of the Coalition of National Park Service Retirees . . . said park law enforcement officers now will likely use extra caution when approaching park visitors.

“Law enforcement rangers are going to have to be much more careful and much more suspicious,” Wade said.
Officers now need to be more suspicious? That is among the most inane statements I've heard in at least several days. Law enforcement officers always need to assume that they may be approaching an armed person. The only thing that has changed after the rule change is that in addition to criminals being armed, law abiding citizens might be armed.

There is no need for officers to worry about the armed law abiding citizens. It's the armed criminals that officers need to worry about, and armed criminals have been around since Cain killed Abel. The only thing that has changed over the years is the type of weapons that people carry with them. Cain may have used a large rock, club, or a sharp stick. Today the portable handgun is often the tool of choice, and I certainly wouldn't want to bring a sharp stick to a gun fight.


Anonymous said...

Yes, wouldn't it be much easier if every state that issued CCW permits to its own residents also honored every other state's CCW permit.

At least Arizona's all grown up about it.

Dustin said...

Yes I love the Idaho & Arizona policy of recognizing all State CCW permits. There may be other States that do that but those are two I know of. I wish all Cary States would adopt such a simple & straight forward policy. Of course I would be remiss if I didn't mention the ultimate policy - Alaska & Vermont where they simply recognize the right to bear arms of all US citizens who are not prohibited possessors, no special State issued permit required.

Anonymous said...

"Alaska & Vermont where they simply recognize the right to bear arms of all US citizens who are not prohibited possessors, no special State issued permit required."

Yes, and think about all the money the states would save in reduced bureaucratic costs and red tape - a great lace to cut in a budget crisis!

Anonymous said...

Of course in states like Texas we've now created a special interest group - certified instrictors - who wisk to maintain the current regulations...

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