Monday, January 19, 2009

Jordin Sparks: Best rendition of National Anthem Ever

I've never heard a better rendition of the National Anthem, Jordin Sparks did an amazing job!

The Arizona Cardinals are headed to the Super Bowl!


Anonymous said...

All repent. The end is neigh. (And the Cardinals know it. Did you see how hard they tried to lose? That team is terrified that the curse will take place and the fourth seal will be opened.)

Anonymous said...

Shawn here. To be honest I never thought the Cardinals would get this far. I thought they'd get the shit kicked out of them by the Panthers and then the Eagles. I've never been a cardinals fan but I do know the feeling becuase I dealt with it so much with the bears in the later 1990's

I am originally from Chicago so I was hoping the Bears would make it. And I would of voted democrat two years ago too. It's amazing what moving to a conservative state can do to someone who's been raised and only been around democrats and left-wing loonies. My entire family.

Dustin said...

Hey Shawn. I'm glad we've had a good impact on you. :)

Unknown said...

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