Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Another Attack on Ammo

Keep your eye out this year for renewed efforts to ban ammunition. The 2009 legislative session is just beginning in most States, but I would be surprised if we don't see reintroductions of last years failed ammo serialization bills. In Washington DC there was a recent story of someone being arrested at a Police Check Point for having so-called "unregistered ammunition" & driving an unregistered car. I've been unable to locate any details on how to register ammunition in Washington DC, so I believe that part of the story might be caused by the lamestream media getting facts wrong yet again.

However, I did find at least 20 strange ammunition laws in Washington DC (click the search link & enter ammunition in the search field). For example Washington DC bans the transfer of ammunition without being a registered gun dealer, and even bans reloading without having a special certificate. Gun dealers in DC are required to keep records on people who buy ammunition, and verify that the ammunition is the correct caliber for a registered firearm. In DC you are not supposed to pawn your ammunition. If you're a gun dealer in DC you are not supposed to let anyone see your ammunition from the street. I could go on, but you get the idea - it's a long litany of idiotic laws that have done absolutely nothing to reduce the out of control crime in DC.

In other news, Community Organizer Rev. Melvin Whitley and the taxpayer funded Acorn group are pushing to require a background check before you can purchase ammunition. Why would creating a new black market reduce crime? Don't we already have enough black market issues as it is without creating yet another?

Why would a criminal who is not even allowed to touch a gun nor ammunition (yet mysteriously has both) be unable to get his or her hands on ammunition even if required to get the ammo on yet another black market? Does anyone remember the great alcohol prohibition? Every time we ban something we simply create yet another lucrative black market for the criminals to exploit, rob for, kill for, and fight turf wars over.

We already know that the thousands of gun control laws already on the books in the US don't work to reduce crime. If gun control doesn't work to reduce crime when the gun is a required component of the gun and ammo combination, a scheme as ridiculous as ammunition control certainly would be even less effective:

"The problem with the law is that it allows criminals to have access to bullets. And it's the bullets that's killing us," according to Whitley.
Actually no Whitely, the criminals are doing the killing, not the bullets (if bullets were a self aware life form wouldn't we already have locked a few of them in our Prisons, at least temporarily until parole?). Most unjustified homicides are directly related to the war on drugs - either by gang members fighting in turf wars, or by drug users attempting to support their expensive and illegal drug habit. Criminals kill with knives, baseball bats, lead pipes, and even their bare fists.

Is Rev Whitely going to propose we require background checks for baseball bats as well? Perhaps he'll next propose that bare fist registration be required when applying for a future National ID card so that we can pass through Police Check Points at every city & state border? Is he going to propose that we rename the BATFE to BATFEAKBLB for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, Ammunition, Knives, Baseball bats, Lead pipes, and Bare fists?

I already feel like I'm entering a Police State when I drive through the Police Check Points at the California border on the few occasions that I have the unfortunate need to temporarily leave the Free State of Arizona. Right now the California Police Check Points only ask about fresh fruit. California is probably watching for fresh fruit because they are worried about fresh fruit fiends.


Anonymous said...

kalifornia check points merely for
look see of transportation vehicle.
But what are the cameras for.
what is automatic recordation ,
identification is automation.
Ask the question, onivore and
super computers make positive id.

Dustin said...

Good points. :)