Thursday, January 29, 2009

AZ: SB 1243 Defensive Display & HB 2439 Alternative 3 Hr CCW Course


Two more AzCDL-requested bills have been filed.

SB 1243, clarifying when "Defensive Display" is justified, has 18 co-sponsors. This bill is similar to an AzCDL-requested bill filed last year that passed in the Legislature but was vetoed by our former anti-rights Governor. Defensive display includes:
  • Verbally informing another person that you have a firearm available.
  • Exposing or displaying a firearm in a manner that conveys you mean to protect yourself.
  • Placing your hand on your firearm while it is holstered or in a pocket, purse or other means of containment.
HB 2439, with 22 co-sponsors, provides for an alternative 3 hour CCW course, dealing only in legal issues, for qualified individuals who can show proof of prior firearms training, such as:
  • Completion of an NRA pistol course.
  • Completion of pistol related courses at the college level, or at places like Front Sight or Gunsite.
  • Completion of certain law enforcement training.
  • Current military service or an honorable discharge.
  • A competitive rating or ranking in an organized shooting competition.
  • A CCW permit from another jurisdiction that required training or testing to obtain.
Even though the legislative session got underway on January 12th, the budget has become the center of focus at the Capitol, significantly slowing the filing and movement of non-budget related bills. We encourage you keep an eye on AzCDL's Legislative page for updates on legislation we are watching: .

Stay tuned! When critical legislation comes before committees, we will notify you via these Alerts.

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Anonymous said...

AZ isn't perfect but it has more things going for it than Maryland. Thanks Dustin.

Dustin said...

That is so true, I feel your pain Kenn.