Thursday, February 28, 2008

ATF raid on Cavalry Arms on Feb 27

Yesterday on Feb 27th, the ATF raided Cavalry Arms in Gilbert, Arizona. I have no details yet as to the ALLEGATIONS of federal firearms violations used to get the federal search & seizure warrant, but my first guess would be that this is yet another ATF abuse of power. In the video interview the ATF agent said they planned to TAKE the entire inventory due to ALLEGATIONS but did not specify what the ALLEGATIONS were. I guess the ATF plan of action is to take the inventory first, then spend years in court trying to prove the allegations. The ATF probably hopes to run Cavalry Arms out of business in the process as it may be difficult to continue doing business without any inventory. An estimate was given by ABC news of around 1000 firearms confiscated without compensation.

The ATF agent incorrectly called the mid powered AR-15 rifles they confiscated "High Powered" military type Rifles. What a moron. Shouldn't an ATF agent that commonly deals with guns know what a high powered rifle looks like? A common .30-06 hunting rifle is twice as powerful as an AR-15 5.56 mm round, and the .30-06 is not even the most powerful hunting rifle in use. Get a clue, an AR-15 is NOT HIGH POWERED! Enough with the lies & propaganda for crying out loud.

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Update 1: See this update.


Anonymous said...

THIS IS OUTRAGOUS, I AM OFFENDED! AR-15 ARE NOT MILITARY, NOR HIGH-POWERED RIFLES! This is just an abuse of power, we should have the ATF gutted and put to sleep. They don't do any good anyway.

Anonymous said...

i was speaking with a security guard today about the gun bust (it happened right down the street from me) and he said it had something to do with money laundering. abuse of power? maybe. i would hate for this to be one of their "routine" measures to make sure someone is legit. they had a couple dozen agents come in to confiscate the firearms and it wouldn't surprise me if this was just another dog and pony show to gain sympathy from uneducated americans who wouldn't know an assault rifle from a semi-auto. but this guy wil likely have to close up shop while the BATF is absorbs time and money to check everything out.

Dustin said...

The ABC Story mentioned the suspicion of money laundering but then showed the interview with the BATFE agent who only stated it was for alleged Federal Firearm law violations (which could be as simple as having filed a from with a Y instead of the required Yes). My thought is ABC probably messed up because they never stated where they got that information, and no other news outlet mentioned it. Time will tell which it is.

John Richardson said...

I agree that it is outrageous. There is a grassroots movement to help them out right now. The members and readers of have started a movement to buy Cav Arms lowers -

And they have started a legal defense fund:

The other thing is that given that John McCain is a Senator from AZ, it wouldn't hurt to put him on the spot to support a local business. It makes him show his support for gun owners and makers in a very overt, high profile case. If he can't support a constituent, how the heck could he then support the rest of us?

Dustin said...

Thanks for sharing those URL's jpr9954. For anyone interested here they are as hot links:
Cav-Aid 2008 lowers

Cavalry Arms Legal Defense fund

Anonymous said...

Excuse me!!! AR-15's are not military weapons? Wow! You mean those Colt M4's don't shoot 5.56 NATO rounds? Hey dipshit the AR-15 is a military weapon and also considered a high powered rifle

Dustin said...

You think an AR15 is high powered? Give me a break. It less than half as powerful as the common .30-06 hunting rifle, and the .30-06 itself is only a mild powered hunting rifle, there are many much more powerful.

You think the Military runs around using the semi-automatic civilian version of their select fire full auto M16? I think not.

Nice name calling too. Typical to resort to name calling when the facts don't rest on your side.

Anonymous said...

I like how Dustin doesn't know what "high powered" means. Apparently he believes it only means rounds for which nothing is more powerful. Silly me, I thought that it meant high velocity centerfire rounds.

You think the .30-06 is high-powered? Pfft. The 338 Lapua is much more powerful.

You think the .338 Lapua is high-powered? Pfft. The .600 Nitro Express is WAY more powerful!

You think the .600 Nitro Express is high-powered? Pfft. The .50 BMG is MUCH, MUCH more powerful!

Dustin said...

Thanks for making my point for me. To summarize, calling the low powered .223 round that isn't good for hunting anything bigger than a deer, and even that only at short ranges, is like calling a little VW Bug high powered. High powered? Pfft.