Friday, February 22, 2008

More weeping & wailing by the anti gun folks

Check out the comments on this somewhat old USA Today article about guns on Campus.

Every time a bill comes up to allow CCW carry in a new area we hear anti gun folk ranting & raving about "the wild wild west" "gun shootouts" etc. It NEVER however comes to pass. No anti gun person can name a single example of their dire prediction coming to pass. It is all about their own FEELING that allowing law abiding adults to maintain their right to self defense will somehow make them less safe. No data to back it up, just wild imaginations.

Remember that "gun free zones" were invented less than 20 years ago, so we are not talking about trying something new, we're talking about ending a failed experiment. My own Father used to keep his shotgun in his locker during school so that he could stop to do some hunting for dinner on the way home. Mass shootings in gun free zones became frequent AFTER the gun free zone experiment began. Yes the shooter plans to commit suicide, but mass shooters still prefer to have no opposition until Police arrive so that they can rack up a high victim count before they are done to increase their chances of the Media providing them with 15 minutes of fame. Victims in Gun Free Zones are like fish in a barrel - nobody to shoot back.

The facts prove that gun free zones are dangerous for the disarmed Americans that go into them (just look at all the rapes, murders, & mass shootings that take place in so called "gun free zones"). I'm not saying everyone should be armed, I'm simply saying that those who CHOOSE to be armed everywhere else, usually between 1 & 3% of adults depending on the given State, (shopping malls, traffic jams, sporting events, crowded movie theaters, etc) should NOT be disarmed simply because they cross an imaginary "gun free zone" boundary that does not keep school shooters or criminals from crossing it armed.

This is not only about mass shootings, it's about rapists & other criminals who seek after defenseless victims. They ignore the gun free zone boundary, so why should the rest of us be forced to be defenseless just because there are some Americans who would like to live in a crime & criminal free Utopia that simply does not exist? Naming a location "gun free" does not make it so. It would be more correct to call them "defenseless victim zone" - mad men & criminals love them, but I don't.

This is not about guns people, it's about freedom of CHOICE by law abiding citizens. If someone wants to choose to be prepared to defend him or herself via a concealed weapon, a silly "gun free zone" rule should not block them. It certainly does not block the criminals, and all of the weeping & wailing of the anti gun folks will never keep ILLEGAL guns off of a campus. Remember the great prohibition against Alcohol? Alcohol was illegal yet it was still rampant. How well did that work out? At least in that case it did not force anyone to be defenseless.


Anonymous said...

"They ignore the gun free zone boundary.."

I disagree. A survey of criminals about 1990 clearly indicated they looked for "OK to rob" signs.

Dustin said...

Good point - they don't ignore them, they SEEK after them. :)

birsterj said...

This elections will be the most important one on guns. We might not get a real conservative president this time around, which is why we need to start looking at our local officials to fight the next wave of anti-gun bills. I created a good starting point for Maryland and Pennsylvania at While your their, please sign my petition to support HB2.

Justin said...

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