Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama is NO FRIEND of Gun Owners

If any of my fellow gun owners have been wooed by Obama's smooth talk (normally lacking any substance but it does sound nice doesn't it?), please see this list of Obama quotes as well as his voting record. He believes it is OK to ban handguns in "inner cities" like Washington DC, and he believes it is OK to ban semi-automatic rifles that have a barrel shroud & an adjustable stock length to make it easier to share a gun for an entire family. What exactly does he have against something that protects my hands from getting burned on a hot barrel, and why does he want me to be forced to buy separate rifles of different sizes for each member of my family when we're happy sharing one or two (truthfully there are never too many guns in my gun safe, but what exactly does he have against a family who can only afford one)?

I don't really don't care who you vote for, so long as you choose wisely, and DO NOT vote for Obama. He wants to turn our Country into a Socialist Nation. He wants to raise taxes, increase spending, provide free healthcare, support all out gun bans, and that is just the stuff he's admitted to so far. If that's the kind of CHANGE he wants to bring to our country I'd prefer he go fly a kite.

Look folks, if you want to live in a country with free healthcare, move to CANADA! If free healthcare is so wonderful, why do so many Canadians & Europeans come to the US & PAY for care here when they can have it free at home?

Nothing is for free folks. There is ALWAYS a price to be paid. Obama is a pied piper selling a pipe dream. Fall for it at the peril of us all. We can only have one President, choose WISELY.

H/T to Sebastian.

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