Thursday, February 21, 2008

Knob Creek, KY Machine Gun Shoot

So much fun! So little Ammo!


Alphy said...

I'm not really much of a fan of machine guns, (it's better to aim and shoot than to spray and pray), although I'd like to fire one at some point.

Having said that, I'm also a firm believer that if they are available for police and military, they should be available for citizens as well!

Dustin said...

Oh, you definitely want to try them when you get a chance - they are a real blast in all senses of the word. :)

I agree 100% that we should have access to all the same small arms that our military has access to. We didn't after all limit free speech to what can be written with a quill on a piece of paper. If I can carry it, I should be able to buy it. That would be a bare minimum. I also think we should have access to tanks, shoulder launched rockets, etc. However, I may be in the minority in that viewpoint.

I am ok however with restricting access to weapons of mass destruction & nuclear bombs.

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