Thursday, February 28, 2008

Ordering a Pizza with a National ID

What it could look like to order a Pizza in the future if we all had National ID cards (video from the ACLU - I don't often agree with the ACLU, but they did hit the head of the nail on this one).

H/T to Sebastian & Michael Bane.


Unknown said...

...they already know your address already when you order pizza. How si that different?

Dustin said...

Hey David, Pizza folks kind of need to know your address so they can deliver the pizza. If you leave your address unlisted & don't give it to them then they won't know it, and if you block your phone ID they won't know that either. If your address is listed or don't block your phone # on outgoing calls, then you give them your address once, then they'll be able to pull your address up by matching with their database & your phone # when you call in.

However, I don't see exactly how that compares with them seeing all other info - medical history, financial info, shopping habits, magazine subscriptions, etc. :)

Justin said...

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