Friday, February 29, 2008

Five Questions about Shootings at Universities by Dennis Prager

Five Questions about lamestream media coverage of Shootings at Universities by Dennis Prager. An excellent article that asks the following 5 questions:

  • Question 1: Why are murderers always counted in the victims tally? The day after the mass murder of students at Northern Illinois University (NIU), the headline in the closest major newspaper, the Chicago Tribune, was: "6 Dead in NIU Shooting."
  • Question 2: Which of these three options is more likely to prevent further murderous rampages: a) making universities closed campuses and increasing the police presence on campus (as the president of NIU has promised to do); b) making guns much harder to obtain; or c) enabling specially trained students and faculty to carry concealed weapons on campus?
  • Question 3: Why are "shooter" and "gunman" used instead of "killer" or "murderer"?
  • Question 4: Why is "murder" never used to describe homicides involved in these university massacres? And why is "murderer" never used to describe these murderers? Why has "kill" become the only word allowed for deliberate homicide?
  • Question 5: Would the press note killers' religiosity if they were all Christian?

Dennis Prager is a radio show host, contributing columnist for, and author of 4 books including Happiness Is a Serious Problem: A Human Nature Repair Manual.

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