Tuesday, October 20, 2009

NIH Funding Studies on Health Effects of Gun Ownership

The only person who will experience a health effect from my gun ownership would be a thug attacking my family. Congress told the CDC "No" to such studies a decade ago. Now the NIH is taking it up once again wasting our tax dollars. Glenn Beck recently discussed this issue on his program:


Anonymous said...

What will it take to convince these idiots that it's not the good guys with guns that are committing crimes! This study might be good in the sense that it could enlighten all the nay-sayers but on the other hand it could hurt us. Either way it's a waste of money. We already know who uses guns for crime.

Dustin said...

Well said. Criminals commit crimes with whatever tools they buy on the black market or acquire via theft. Over 80% of crime is committed by repeat offenders, so the real way to cut back in crime is to stop letting the violent repeat offenders back out in the streets. Three Strikes & you're in jail for life.

Justin said...

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