Monday, October 5, 2009

Self Defense: Caught Unaware

Eric Puryear shares some examples of self defense by people caught by surprise by attackers. One free piece of advice I have for anyone interested: don't open your door to anyone if you're not armed. I put my gun on in the morning when I put my pants on, and I never open the door without my pants. Additionally, don't open your door at all to a stranger - communicate through the door & tell him or her to leave the package on the doorstep. If you end up being attacked at the door it is much quicker to retrieve your handgun from the holster you're already wearing than it is to run to your bedroom.


Steve S said...

Right on!

First thing on, last thing off!

That is, when it ever comes off!

Dustin said...

Exactly. I don't take it off until bed time, after I've armed the security system. If someone breaks in while I'm sleeping, the loud alarm will wake me up so I can grab my gun before the thug has time to run up the stairs to my room.

The Duck said...

Wonder how Robb Allen does it?

Bob G. said...

Roger THAT, Dustin.
(and it's always within reach while ASLEEP)


Dustin said...

Yep :)

Erik said...

If the person at the door is unexpected/unknown I have my gun in hand and open the door with the other so that the gun is concealed behind the door. That way should something happen I am already armed. No need to reach for it.

Dustin said...

That is an excellent idea if you must open your door, but if you can avoid it when you don't know who it is, don't even open the door. I read a story in the "Armed Citizen" column of the latest NRA 1st Freedom magazine that I received today in which a man knocked on a door & claimed to be a Police Officer - the homeowner refused to open the door and the man then got mad & yelled to open the door or he'd break it down & kill them with his knife. The homeowner yelled back that he had his gun in hand & if the man broke down the door he'd be shot - this persuaded the man to leave. Police arrested the guy when they found him walking down the street after the homeowner called 911.

Long story short - by not opening the door the homeowner avoided having to clean any blood off the floor.

marko said...

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