Friday, October 30, 2009

WA: Students Arm Themselves

After being attacked while defenseless some University of Washington students decided to get concealed carry permits and take responsibility for their own safety. I commend them for taking responsibility for their own safety, but I have a few safety tips for them:

  1. I can't really recommend "walking around as bait, fishing for robbers," although if a thug is unlucky enough to attack a student prepared to defend him or herself, too bad for the thug, I'm not going to cry for him or her.
  2. Don't sweep your friend (or anything else you'd prefer not to destroy) with the muzzle of your gun.
  3. Buy a holster, stashing your gun in the front of your pants fails to protect the trigger & is not a secure way to carry it.


Bob G. said...

I totally agree with your 3 talking points...

"Stalking the criminals" might wind up blowing up in your face.
Better to remain VIGILANT..let BATMAN be a vigilante.

NEVER point at ANYTHING or ANYONE you're not planning to shoot...and always think abiout what lies BEYOND whatever you're shooting at.

A REAL holster is a MUST...waistband carry in quasi-baggy jeans is for losers.

Lots of options there, too...strong side carry, cross-carry, inverted carry shoulder holster, hollow-of-back carry, ankle carry...

And lastly, a course in firearm TRAINING should be mandatory for STUDENTS.
Hell, make it an elective course on campus, if you have to, but get the kids some TRAINING.

Good psot and video.

Dustin said...

Definitely. :)

marko said...

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