Tuesday, October 13, 2009

6 Year Old Suspended For Mess Kit Utensil

In another case of Zero Tolerance=Zero Thought, Zachary Christie, a 6 year old cub scout excited to bring his mess kit fork/spoon/knife tool to school to utilize while eating his lunch was suspended for having brought a weapon. I'm guessing a teen with a board would be more of a danger than this 6 year old with his mess kit eating utensil, but many school administrators don't like to use reasoned thought these days.


Bob G. said...

The school got smacked down a bit...
The boy ONLY gets a 3 day suspension and NO reform school time...(amended for K-3rd grade).

Smart kid...LIKES to go to school...got me beat there...LOL.

Political-correctness run amok?
All too often, and at the sake of our children.
Protect the innocent...a reprimand would have sufficed.
Zero-Tolerance is for the INTOLERABLE kids...NOT the good ones.

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