Friday, October 23, 2009

Issues with May Issue

I've discussed May Issue Problems in the past. Here is another viewpoint on the issues of May Issue by David Rittgers.

May Issue Concealed Carry statutes were originally set up to allow a Sheriff or Police Chief to deny permit applications without being required to specify a reason, allowing the Sheriff to discriminate against applicants however he or she sees fit based on ethnicity, income, or place of residence. It is high time we complete the ongoing process of getting rid of such discriminatory and abusive may issue laws in the few remaining States that have them.

View the History of States that have upgarded their laws from discriminatory May Issue laws to Shall Issue laws.


GunGeek said...

To my mind, if you've got "may issue" you MUST also have some way of finding out who got a permit and who didn't. Otherwise, you've got absolutely zero recourse if you are denied a permit. You need to be able to point to someone else and say "but you gave them a permit" in order to justify yours.

As long as it's a "must issue" situation, then it's okay to keep the names of the permit holders confidential.

To me, that's another big reason to get rid of "shall issue".

Dustin said...

I presume you meant to say "another big reason to get rid of `may issue`" correct?

Justin said...

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