Thursday, October 22, 2009

US Debt Clock

Our Legislators: Burying our children under more US Debt every second of every day.

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mrbearpaw60 said...

Hello Dustin,

It is such a shame that America does not realize what problems the Obama Administration and the Democratic Congress is sadleing us with, in the near future. Our children and grandchildren will be burdened by this massive Debt for decades to come.

Dennis K

Dustin said...

Yes, I truly do worry about this issue for my children and future grandchildren.

What our government is doing would translate to you or I taking out unsecured loans over & over again to pay the interest payments on the loans we already have in addition to paying for our continued deficit spending. The way that interest compounds debt exponentially should make it clear that we can't continue on this road and expect no negative consequences.

The only reason we've gotten away with it in the past was because our National GDP was growing quickly enough to keep up - that is no longer the case, in fact GDP is now shrinking along with our economy, and to make things even worse, congress has hit the gas rather than the breaks when it comes to deficit spending.

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