Monday, October 26, 2009

MN: Adopt a Highway Program

A group named Minnesota Carry Permit Holders found an excellent way to spread good will while removing trash from the roadside via the Adopt a Highway Program. In addition to promoting good will & beautifying the roadway during their cleanup event yesterday their adopted section of the highway was probably the safest stretch of the road in the entire State.

Arizona has an Adopt a Highway Program as well, I'd love to see my local gun rights groups adopt a section of Arizona Highways.


Evan said...

Give it a shot! It's fun, can be used for a little bit of activism, and more importantly accomplishes something useful in the process.

It certainly helps if you have a geographic concentration in the group you plan to draw volunteers from. We drummed up volunteers from a forum of some 1600+ members with a lot of them in the Twin Cities. Then we picked an open section of highway in the area of largest forum member concentration (for that matter the most densely populated area of the state).

We got 12 people this first time, but it is getting cold and the forecast was for rain. I won't be at all surprised if, in the coming Spring, we can pull together a group closer to 25 or 30.

Let us know if you guys do soemthing similar down in AZ.

- Evan from

Bob G. said...

I take it when the guys are cleaning up, they ARE doing OPEN-CARRY (for all people driving by to see), right?

Nice idea.

Love it.

princewally said...

Actually, none of us were open carrying. That may not have been the case if it would have been warmer, but it certainly would have been individual choice.