Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September 12th March on the Capitol

On September 12th Citizens from all over the Country will march on Washington DC in protest of out of control spending in an effort to unite our Country the way we united on September 12th 2001. Check out the Tea Party Express to see if there will be a lead up event near you. Those who can't make it to Washington DC on the 12th of September can join in on the protest at their local State Capitol. If you're in Arizona you can indicate that you plan to participate at the Arizona Tea Party, the Greater Phoenix Tea Party Patriots, or via Facebook. If you prefer you may simply show up at the Capitol on the morning of Saturday September 12th. Let your voice be heard!

Update 1: If you're on facebook you can also invite your facebook friends to attend with us!

Update 2: Find an event near you.

Update 3: I spent the morning with fellow Americans at the Arizona Capitol Today. It was wonderful to be with like minded individuals demanding an end to the out of control government spending. I counted about 3 dozen folks open carrying, and another dozen or so who were conceal carrying lifted up their shirt to show me their gun when they saw me open carrying mine. Freedom is wonderful, it's great to be an American!

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