Friday, September 25, 2009

Future Ammunition Problems in California?

My friends in California may soon be prohibited from buying inexpensive ammunition via mail order from retailers throughout our Country if Governor Schwarzenegger fails to veto California Assembly Bill 962 by Oct 11th.

Do the politicians in California despise their law abiding constituents so much that they want them to loose the option of buying inexpensive ammunition via mail order? Do they really think these new ammunition regulations could hinder drug gangs entrenched in the drug war from getting ammunition when they already get all the illicit drugs across the border that they care to transport?

Give Governor Schwarzenegger a call at 916-445-2841 & tell him to Veto California Assembly Bill 962, or he won't be able to say "I'll be back" as a Politician after California term limits boot him out of the Governor's Seat in 2010. If the number gives you a busy signal like it is for me as I write this, you can also use the contact form. While you're leaving him a message, you should also mention a few other bills worthy of termination.

Update 1: Bad news, he signed the bill.

Update 2: The NRA and the CRPA have filed a Lawsuit requesting an injunction before this legislation is scheduled to take effect (Feb 1, 2011).


Anonymous said...

Well...more ammo for the rest of us I guess :)

Unknown said...

Letter sent to Arnold...

As a former San Diego resident who remembers a much freer California from his childhood days. I am greatly bothered by the unreasonable controls that California is pursuing on it's citizen's freedom.

Recently there has been talk of regulating the purchase of ammunition. Limiting it to 50 rounds a month. This is ridiculous and not even close to being reasonable. This proposed regulation will essentially eliminate sport shooting.

I participate in a small local shooting competition here in Pennsylvania. Our league would be considered very small by national standards. I will usually expend 50 rounds in a single competition. If there is a mechanical failure of equipment that requires me to re-do the course, I'll expend another 50 rounds. During league we have a competition each week. So we're talking 200-250 rounds. Just to compete...

Arnold, you're a competitor. You understand competition. If the only time you ever lifted weights was on stage during tournaments - you'd have lost. No, you practiced, often....probably daily.

Now I just do this for fun. But it easily equates to a few hundred rounds a month during league times. What I do is equivalent to "kicking the soccer ball around with friends at the park". There are those who compete much more actively, they may go through more than a thousand rounds in a week.

This regulation would essentially end the ability for my fellow Americans living in California to compete. And what would it accomplish? How many rounds does an L.A. gang-banger need to conduct a drive-by or gun down a rival gang member? One, two, five, ten, most thirty or so. As few magazines can hold more than that. And that's still under the 50 round limit.

This law will do NOTHING to reduce crime, Just reduce liberty. By this point, you might be wondering "Why someone in Pennsylvania would contact you. Or why I'd even care?"

1. I have a fondness in my heart for California. In fact, I am still a Padres fan (might even be the only one east of the Mississippi.)

2. I view this proposed regulation as a clear violation of our 2nd Amendment rights. And I am not going to stand aside and watch my fellow Americans lose their God/naturally-given rights.

3. To let you know just how truly useless this law will be. Because I, and many others, view this law as immoral and unconstitutional. Not only do we believe that we do not need to recognize this law's authority; we also believe we need to stand against it with civil disobedience.

In other words Arnold, this means that if a friend of mine in California needs ammunition. I believe it is my patriotic duty to help them acquire it - against the mandates of this law. And if that means driving to Nevada and throwing a case of ammo across the border into be it.

And wouldn't that be interesting. I will have broken no law. In fact, I will not have even entered CA. Meanwhile, my friend will not have purchased any ammunition. He will merely have stumbled across a box of ammo lying in the desert near the border of California & Nevada.

What you really want to waste precious resources trying to stop good, moral Americans from advocating their Constitutionally protected rights. Wouldn't you rather expend the energy of law enforcement on stopping the numerous gang bangers in L.A.?

And might I ask WHAT IN THE WORLD YOU GUYS ARE DOING trying to pass this legislation while the California budget is in shambles? The budget is in such a horrific state that California has been seeking billions in bailout money from the Federal government and issuing it's citizens I.O.U.s. But somehow the California legislature has enough time to waste energy taking away the rights of their citizens. Don't they have more important things to do?

Rest assured if you pass this law, we who are outside your state will contact all of our Congressmen and oppose ANY and ALL attempts by California to sequester aid funds from the Federal government.

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