Monday, August 31, 2009

To My Friends in California: Get the Monkeys off your Back

I have met many people who have moved to Arizona or other Free States in our Nation to escape the monkeys that have been running the California Legislature. Nevada has launched an add campaign inviting California small businesses to move there to get the monkeys off their back and to escape State income taxes that are among the highest in the Nation. I'd only add that by moving to any of the remaining Free States Californians would also escape a plethora of Nanny State personal freedom infringements as well, the right to keep and BEAR arms being high on the list.

In California you can keep some arms if they're the right color, have only approved features, and are on a State Approved Arms List, but are you allowed to BEAR them? Only if you carry your gun openly while leaving it unloaded, or you carry openly while in a rural area. Unless you are among the California residents lucky enough to have received permission from the local Sheriff in the form of a permit to carry concealed which only happens if you can prove to him or her that your life is worth protecting:

If the CCW license is desired for . . . the protection of large sums of money or valuable property, you are required to explain and provide good cause for issuance of the license . . .
Do the Monkeys running the California Legislature not know that the guns the criminals carry are always loaded, and that criminals do victimize law abiding citizens within populated areas? Why have the criminals been given the upper hand by California legislators?

In Free States, all citizens are deemed worthy to bear openly carried loaded arms for self defense, so long as you are not a prohibited possessor. There is no discrimination here based on how much money you carry to the bank or how populated the area is that you happen to be standing in.

Update 1: Whether or not you are in a position to move or are in a position to need or want to stay in California, be sure to support the efforts of gun rights organizations like the SAF, Calguns and the NRA to train or preferably replace the monkeys who treat your rights like discarded banana peels.


harp1034 said...

Some of the CA Sheriffs are issuing more CCW permits than they used to. Some people are stuck and can not move. If you can't move or just don't want to then do the best you can.

Dustin said...

Very true. If you can't move do all you can to train or replace the monkeys in the legislature. :)

God,Guns,Free Speech said...

One of the reason I live Arizona is that the State Government isn't very intrusive and I can exercise my God given rights without fear from the Government.Obamas trip to Phoenix showed the rest of the Country what its like to live in a free state.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dustin,

I am a native of San Francisco (yes, Sen. Feinstein's hometown), and a big-time liberal. I love granola, have a pair of Teva's (basically plastic Birkenstocks), all for the environment, etcetera.

And I agree with your position that guns do save lives, and that the Second Amendment matters. Here's how it started.

On several occasions, my Dad, who is black (yup, I'm mixed), had to make regular business trips across the country. In several of these places, he ran across folks who think black men don't have the right to exist.

On one such occasion, three knife-wielding racists came up to him as he was going from his hotel room to his car. Fortunately, like Sen. Feinstein, he too legally carried a .38 Special. He showed his attackers his revolver, and they decided to leave in peace after all. Everyone walked away unharmed that day.

Consider that I was 11 years old and nearly lost my Dad that day. So nobody had better ever tell me that guns don't save lives.

And now that I am an adult, I too have joined the ranks, and I practice regularly. Jerry "Mr. Revolver" Miculek will never have anything to worry about from me, but that's still a good goal to strive for.

Safe shooting, everyone!

Terrell Prude', Jr.
"San Francisco Liberal With A Gun"

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