Saturday, September 12, 2009

Coming Together on September 12th

Like we did on September 12th 2001 let us forget about Political Parties and come together once again as Americans. May we put aside past bickering about whether Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, or Independents caused the largest portion of the problems we currently face. If we can all just remember that we are Americans First maybe we will see clearly enough to slam the breaks on the direction some of the members of both parties have been taking us over the last number of decades. Let us all work together to restore our Freedoms while we still can. Let us speak our minds freely before the newly appointed regulatory Czar bans free speech.

I will be at the Arizona Capitol this morning letting our Federal Government know what direction I think we should turn. Hopefully you'll be there with me, even if not physically, at least in spirit. United we stand, divided we fall, may God Bless your efforts, and may we never give up!

Update 1: I spent this morning with fellow Americans at the Arizona Capitol. It was wonderful to be with like minded individuals demanding an end to the out of control government spending. I counted about 3 dozen folks open carrying, and another dozen or so who were conceal carrying lifted up their shirt to show me their gun when they saw me open carrying mine. Freedom is wonderful, it's great to be an American!


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