Friday, September 18, 2009

FL: He Saved Her From Attacking Pit bull

Patricia Thiel was being mauled by a 100 Lb Pit bull in her own back yard & screaming for help - a neighbor who heard her screams called 911 & ran from house to house looking for assistance. Luckily she found Joseph Wharton a few doors down the street, who had a Ruger 9mm handgun & knew how to use it. Joseph Wharton put the Pit bull down before Police could arrive, and Patricia Thiel was then taken to the Hospital for treatment of her injuries.

Once again we see that while the Police may be minutes away when seconds count, our handgun can be a critical defensive tool immediately. If Joseph Wharton had not been prepared for the defense of his own home & family, he probably would not have been prepared to defend his neighbor either. I love happy endings!

H/T to David R.


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