Friday, September 11, 2009

Should the BATFE monitor Screwdriver Sales?

Last night a man killed his ex-girlfriend with a screwdriver, which makes it perfectly clear to me why she dumped the looser in the first place. I just wish she would have had a gun to defend herself from the screwdriver wielding man so that the headline could have been that she shot her screwdriver wielding ex-boyfriend in self defense.

In light of this tragic use of the common screwdriver, is the Brady Campaign going to demand that the BATFE get involved with licensing screwdriver dealers in order to monitor screwdriver sales? Shall we rename the BATFE to BATFES for Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, Explosives, and Screwdrivers?

Hardware stores used to sell firearms before the BATFE began regulating gun sales which made many of the hardware stores decide to pull out of the gun sale business to avoid the hassle. Could we soon have to make a separate stop at screwdriver stores licensed by the BATFES when looking for the common screwdriver? Would regulating screwdriver sales prevent ANY senseless screwdriver deaths by screwdriver wielding thugs?

No? I don't think so either. It wouldn't work any better than regulating nail guns.


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