Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Officer Says: "It Aint [America] No More"

In response to question: "This used to be America!" a Police Officer says: "It ain't no more" and threatens: "I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with"


Bob G. said...

Seems just like the officer than once gave me my ONLY ticket...for going through a GREEN LIGHT..way back in 1978!

I've known plenty of offciers over the years. A damn shame a few like this spoil it for so many GOOD LEOs out there, busting their humps.
(maybe he's a "racist"...)

Dustin said...

Yes my thoughts exactly. There are so many good LEO's out there, Officers like this one should be fired if nothing else just because he gives Cops a bad name.

Eric said...

Any officer worth his salt would be able to say exactly why that sign was not allowed on school property. He would also be able to defend any statements he makes by citing city ordinances or by-laws or diorect quotes from the criminal code.
This officer could do none of that.From his mannerisms,body language and general attitude he seems to be nothing more than a thug with a shield. It is a perfect example of the failure of affirmitive action.

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