Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steven Crowder: Socialized Healthcare

Does anyone honestly think our government that can't even manage Social Security, Medicaid, or Medicare could somehow manage to pull off a working Socialized Healthcare System? No? Me either.

H/T to Clyde Moore.

Update 1: From Mayo Clinic:

Mayo Clinic has been cited by President Obama on several occasions as well as in several media outlets . . . as an example of quality, cost effective health care that others around the United States can learn from . . . Medicare like plan will lead to financial ruin for patients, doctors and hospitals:

Mayo Clinic firmly believes that a government run public plan with price controls structured like Medicare would be financially disastrous to individual physicians, medical practice groups, and hospitals, which will ultimately hurt patients who seek care. The current system of Medicare payment punishes the most effective and efficient providers. Twenty-five years of experience with price controls has proven that price controls do not control spending. A majority of Medicare providers currently suffer great financial loss under the current program. Mayo Clinic alone lost $840 million last year under Medicare. Mayo Clinic and other providers are reaching the point where they cannot afford to see Medicare patients.


Alex said...

I don't know what to think about socialized medicine. On the one hand, the government has a habit of screwing things up. On the other hand, lets look at the goal of socialized vs privatized medicine:

Socialized medicine would have the goal of providing good healthcare at an affordable cost.

Privatized medicine has the goal of taking as much money as possible from the customers (patients) and transferring it to the company shareholders.

It's a toss-up.

Anonymous said...

Let me help! If you are within the 40% or so of Americans that pay no taxes, it is likely that you either already have "socialized medicine" in the form of medicaid/welfare/access or just don't have any medical care. If thats the case, hey - lets get Obamacare right away! It will cost you no more than you pay already (nothing) - just some extra time - if you watched the video it is evident that the Canadians spend alot of time waiting. Be careful though, 'Bama might sneak in a way for even you to pay in the form of national sales tax, etc. The way things are now - well, if you make enough money you have healthcare because you pay for your own insurance (plus paying those who don't pay as well) and if you don't you are in the 40%. Obamacare will have all of us paying more in taxes and getting less care, except for those that make enough money to go outside Obamacare system and pay for private care. Like the Canadians. Hmmmmmm

Dustin said...

To me it isn't a toss-up. Competition is never a bad thing. Businesses in competition one with another drives prices down which is good for consumers. The government coming in on the other hand essentially telling Doctors they'll have to work for minimum wages - well the Doctors are not dummies - they'll go somewhere they can make more money, leaving us with not enough Doctors to go around & long lines.

Justin said...

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