Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Gun Rights iPhone App

Orange County California Law Firm Davis & Associates have provided a free iPhone or iPod Touch application named Gun Rights. It has a user comment wall, a gun rights news feed, and links to gun rights related audio & video.

H/T to Tat who posted the link on my facebook wall.


Unknown said...

Been waiting for something similar for Blackberry.

Elmo said...
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Eric R. Shelton said...

And the obligatory flaming liberal comes in with nothing intelligent to add to the discourse, swearing and insulting for no reason I can find, and is off-topic with an imaginary added point, to boot!

Good to know some things can always be counted on to be consistent. Enjoy your whopping 8,000 annual site hits, Elmo.

PS- How do you know my rifle's gender? LOL.

Dustin said...

Hey Elmo, perhaps you should go back to school & learn how to read before you post. Read the posting policy, it's fairly simple so even you might be able to figure it out:

No personal attacks or offensive language permitted. Keep all comments family friendly & related to the subject of the blog post you are commenting on.

As a clear violation your post will now go to the trash bin.