Wednesday, July 1, 2009

AZ: Gun Bills Passed by Legislature - Sent to Governor for Signature

Our legislature has been hard at work. They have approved & sent to the governor a group of important gun rights bills for her signature:

Please email Governor Brewer or call her office at 602-542-4331, (toll free: 800-253-0883) & ask for her support! She has 10 days not including Sundays to either sign or veto them. Thanks. :)

Be sure to THANK your Arizona Senator & Representatives if they supported these important bills! Also tell AZCDL & NRA-ILA thanks for their efforts by giving them your support.

Related NRA-ILA Press Release.

Update 1: NRA-ILA reports that anti-gun forces are already urging her to veto these bills - she needs to hear your support!

Update 2: Still awaiting action on these bills by Governor Brewer. She has until the end of Monday July 13th to take action on them. If she takes no action before the end of Monday, they'll automatically become law on September 30th.

Update 3: Governor Brewer signed Restaurant Carry & Parking Lot Stoarge into law!


Anonymous said...

All good provision.

Anonymous said...

I understand today was the last day for the gov to sign the bills. Do you know if she did?

Dustin said...

Today is the last day. She has until Midnight to take any action. As of 3:30 PM in her last press release she did not list any of the gun rights bills as having any action taken. If she does nothing they'll automatically become law so taking no action would be good news.