Monday, July 13, 2009

AZ: Brewer Signs Gun Bills

Good news - according to KPHO Governor Brewer signed both SB 1113 Restaurant Carry & SB 1243 Parking Lot Storage into law. They'll take effect Sep 30th 2009.

SB 1243 Defensive Display
was not mentioned but if she takes no action on it by midnight tonight (Monday July 13th) it will automatically become law on Sep 30th.

Update 1: I've received an update from AZCDL that SB 1243 Defensive Display was signed Monday night as well.

Update 2: It's official - they're all showing up as signed by the Governor on

Update 3: Related News Release from NRA-ILA. You can also see a complete listing of the fate of all 2009 legislation that AZCDL either supported or opposed.

Update 4: Before you follow the links to the bills, follow this link & select the Forty-ninth Legislature - First Regular Session

Update 5: The Arizona DLLC states that the laws from this legislative session take effect Sep 29th 2009 rather than Sep 30th, which conflicts with all other sources.


Anonymous said...

Agh! People with guns! It will be like the wild west all over again! The streets will run red with the blood of the innocent!

Hey, is there a local gun board that you know of where I can sell my 30-30?

Marlin 336A, never fired.

Dustin said...

Yeah, I watched a scathing news piece last night on Arizona Fox News about how scary it is going to be here for riotous drunks now that restaurant carry was signed by the Governor. It would be very bad if a belligerent drunk attacked someone trying to enjoy a quiet meal with his family who happened to have a concealed weapon - the drunk might get shot or something as awful as that!

It would be much better to allow the innocent to be bludgeoned to death or coma by fist blows. :)

For classifieds you might try here.

Justin said...

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