Thursday, July 23, 2009

NRA Notifies Senators that Sotomayer Confirmation Votes will be Judged

It's official - any Senators who vote to confirm Judge Sonia Sotomayer as a Supreme Court Justice will be making an anti-gun vote that will count against them in their NRA election ratings. This is good news for gun owners everywhere.


Anonymous said...

Well this should be part of the rating process.

Anonymous said...

I saw a sticker the other day: Guns save lives!

I wonder, are there more or fewer guns on the streets today than there were 50 years ago?

I also wonder, are there more or fewer deaths by gun fire today than there were 50 years ago?

Actually, I don't wonder. The answers are more and more.

Guns don't save lives.

Dustin said...

Actually guns do save lives every day. Many Many more than people killed by guns. Gun related deaths amount to about 30K/yr, half of which are due to suicides. Japan has 3 times the suicide rate that the US has and they ban guns completely so you can write off 15K as being unrelated to guns, if they didn't have a gun they would have used a vehicle in a garage, a drug overdose, a rope, or a razor blade like they do in Japan. The other 15K that were murdered by guns really don't care that they were murdered with a gun instead of being cut open with a knife. It's the thugs we keep letting out of jail that perform 85% of the crime - if we could just leave them in jail we'd get rid of most of the other 15K irregardless of instrument used.

As for how many crimes are stopped with guns every year? Various government & independent studies have shown it to be between between 800,000 & 1.5 Million on average. Over 99% of the time not even a single shot is fired - just seeing the gun makes the mugger or rapist run away to find an easier victim - that is why you don't hear about most of them. No blood, no story for the press.

If guns don't save lives, why do the Police carry them?

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