Monday, July 20, 2009

BATFE Steps on the States with Federal Boots

The ATF commonly known as Batty BATFE (primarily a group of power hungry Jack Booted Thugs whom no longer find it satisfying to go after criminals so they now waste our tax Dollars persecuting law abiding citizens), has stated in a letter to Federal Firearms Licensees that it intends to continue to ignore the Constitution & State Sovereignty. Their move was in response to multiple States which passed legislation this year stating what should be obvious which is that the Federal Government has absolutely NO POWER NOR AUTHORITY granted to it to regulate firearms that do not participate in Interstate Commerce, such as firearms fully manufactured within a given State marked for sale only to residents of that State.

Unfortunately this is no surprise for me, simply yet another exhibit of disrespect by the ATF for the protections built into the Constitution.


Justin said...

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