Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AZ: Senator Ken Cheuvront is Worried

District 15 Arizona Senator Ken Cheuvront is worried that he may soon unknowingly sit next to someone with a concealed weapon in a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol thanks to SB 1113 Restaurant Carry. I listened to Senator Cheuvront complain about SB 1113 on the Senate Floor during the Senate Committee of the Whole floor debate, but that was nothing compared to his recent rantings during a Phoenix Fox 10 News interview that aired last night:

"Now there's going to be a fear that you don't know if the person next to you is carrying a concealed weapon or not," said Senator Ken Cheuvront, a Phoenix Democrat who owns a wine bar and restaurant downtown.
Someone should let Senator Cheuvront know that he could be walking or sitting near people with concealed weapons most any time that he is walking or sitting near other people. That is the very nature of a concealed weapon - nobody knows it is there other than the person carrying it.

Even before this law change there were plenty of armed people sitting near him in restaurants or bars that serve alcohol. I guess he didn't know that even criminals eat out, and they certainly don't bother to disarm just because they're going out to eat. The only thing that will change on September 30th is that the criminals won't be the only people with weapons.

Watch the video to listen to all of his worries:


Anonymous said...

Good grief -- that was some of the worst media spin I've seen in a while. I do love the the way they show a scoped rifle being fired when talking about concealed carry.

Dustin said...

LOL - so very true. The other spin I loved was the comment that "when you walk into a restaurant . . . the last thing you want to worry about is ducking for cover . . ."

Anonymous said...

Well, he has the option of posting no weapons signs at his wine bar and restaurant. It would be interesting to know if he does that, and if so, how long the signs last.

Dustin said...

I won't be eating at any restaurants that are foolish enough to prohibit law abiding gun owners from being able to defend their families.

Anonymous said...

I've always found that concern ridiculous. Sudden "unknowingly sit next to someone with a concealed weapon in a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol" will be exactly like unknowingly sitting next to someone who doesn't have a firearm. Except now, in a bar or restaurant, there's a better chance the person who is armed is actually carrying the weapon lawfully, where before it was certain they were disobeying the law.

What, did he think people didn't already carry concealed arms into bars and restaurants despite the law? That would be pretty naive.

I will certainly have a chat with the management of any establishments that post no ccw signs. Initially it will be a discussion of why are they preventing people from carrying between the establishment and their car, the area they are most likely to be attacked? Are they willing to accept the liability if someone is attacked, and might have been able to defend themselves if their rights hadn't been denied? Then there's always the option of protesting. I don't believe AZ law prohibits open carry of crossbow or sword, perhaps a non-firearm open carry meal would be in order.

Dustin said...

Excellent idea. Perhaps a database would be in order as well, a place we can track establishments foolish enough to prohibit defense of self & family. I've seen a couple of websites that had been set up to do that in the past but I'm having difficulty locating them now.

Justin said...

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