Friday, March 27, 2009

MD: Nathaniel McFadden Prefers Unarmed Victims

Sen. Pro Temp Nathaniel McFadden of Maryland thinks it is better to allow a woman to be lit on fire by an abusive ex-husband than to risk allowing her to defend herself. Reprehensible.

"Thank you Mr. President and members of the Senate. In response to my esteemed colleague from Western Maryland, lets make this observation - Given this scenario, there was a situation in Prince George's County unfortunately of a woman who was abused obviously. And she was at work. And her husband came in and unfortunately and lamentably threw some sort of gasoline mixture on her and set her on fire in her work environment. Suppose she had opted to have a gun in that situation. This is a place of business. And had she attempted to defend herself during this occurrence, I just think that it may have been some unintended consequences in people who would be adversely affected . . ."
Unintended consequences? I'll tell you who suffered unintended consequences, it was victim Yvette Cade who had been disarmed & rendered defenseless by the reprehensible "might issue" laws of Maryland.

Audio here.


Eric said...

Take out the name "Maryland" and substitute it with "Canada" and you get the idea what the prevailing attitude to self defence is up here. The majority of our politicians are just as wimpy as that medical miracle (in the fact that he can function in the absence of a spinal column) Senator McFadden.

Our Conservative govt. in Ottawa is considering changing part of our criminal code to eliminate how pre-trial custody is handeled. Currently, a perp who is convicted recieves a two for one ( sometimes three) credit off their sentences for time held in pre-trial custody. Our Prime Minister wants to eliminate this as an option in sentencing. As usual, members of the NDP(COMMUNIST)party are against this, saying that this will cause "undue suffering" for those in pre-trial custody. Apparently the suffering of the victims of crime are of little consequence.

I wonder what his attitude would be if the victim had been his wife or his daughter.

Dustin said...

Great points Eric.

Justin said...

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