Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gun Dudes Contest: Eric's Rant

I'm a regular listener of all of the Gun Rights Radio podcasts. The Gun Dudes recently held a contest asking for audio proof of Eric (of the Handgun Podcast) ranting about the Pro Arms podcast. I just found out that I won a consolation prize for my Eric's Rant submission which of course is good news for me, I had fun doing it. Tony (of the Firearms Cafe) was the Judge, and he really did pick the best entry. Shawn Paris was the contest winner (not sure on spelling) - he did an awesome job. :)

When I submitted my audio to the Gun Dudes I cc'd Eric with a copy of it & Eric replied with: "You're a bad, bad man. LOL!" To which I of course was ROFL. So much fun. :)

1 comment:

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